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Quasi copper paint


① The GD-100 or GK-300, plus imports of copper slip way GD-300 site deployment, (because real copper in the paint mixing a little longer generate cupric discoloration even gelled);

② metal strong sense, 10 years will not fade, do not paint chips generally associate plastic powder no metallic copper, hard to powder paint chips; imitation copper paint do prospective copper fugitive; made of copper do not associate copper-floating strong sense of metal poor, irregular particles; and wave Shiming prospective copper paint and more than a few prospective copper significantly different.

③ operational processes prevail copper paint → C-330 or C-390 black matte brushed → varnish;

④ tune with GD-300 copper, its stronger metallic spray area more.

Main uses:

Available in stainless steel, iron phosphide, zinc alloy, aluminum, galvanized sheet, electrode plates and other metal materials, also can be used as air-drying in Poly, polyurethane, A · B · S, PVC, PP and other materials.